What is Developer Mode?
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This article is for Flatfile's Portal 3.0 and Workspaces. If you'd like to check out the latest version of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, click here!

Within your Flatfile Dashboard, you now have the ability to turn on Developer Mode. Developer Mode enables you to explore and configure your account without affecting any of your active projects.

With Developer Mode enabled, you’re able to test and configure the following items:

  • Templates

  • Organizations

  • Workspaces

  • Embeds

  • Team Webhooks

Changes made to these items in Developer Mode do not affect your live account configuration, allowing you to safely test updates and experiment with configurations without making any unintended changes to your active projects. There may be a time when you create a template, test it, and decide that it would be useful to have outside of developer mode. You can make any templates that you have created inside of developer mode available outside of developer mode by duplicating the template.

Are there any settings that aren’t affected by Developer Mode?

The following settings are global, and not affected by Developer Mode:

  • Your API Access Keys

  • The License Key for Portal 2.0

  • User Settings

  • Team name, team members

  • Portal 2.0 Imports

This means that any updates made to these items will persist across both environments, regardless of whether or not you made those changes with Developer Mode enabled.

Where did my data go?

Because Developer Mode is isolated from your Live account, some items that may have already been created are not available while it is enabled. For example, you will not have access to any of the following items if they were created outside of Developer Mode:

  • Templates

  • Organizations

  • Workspaces

  • Portal 3.0 Portals

  • Team Webhooks

You will also not be able to access any of these items if they were made inside of Developer Mode.

Workspaces or Portals created for the purpose of testing while in Developer Mode will not consume a credit or be charged against your account. Trial users may also access and experiment with Developer Mode.

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