Glossary: Data Hook®
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A Data Hook® is a short snippet of JavaScript that allows you to validate, manipulate, and format data as it is being uploaded. They are one of Flatfile’s most powerful data validation tools.

Data Hooks are written in JavaScript, so a basic understanding of JavaScript is helpful if you want to create one. Data Hooks are accessed through specific data templates, and only run on the specific data template to which they are assigned.

Since Data Hooks are, at their core, Javascript, they can even utilize the vast collection of dependencies and libraries. Data Hooks can do just about anything as they move through your data. For more information about writing Data Hooks in Portal 3.0 and Workspaces, see our Data Hook 3.0 documentation. To learn how to write Data Hooks in Portal 2.0, see our Portal 2.0 Data Hook documentation.

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