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What happens if I change the user or company information when I import data?
What happens if I change the user or company information when I import data?
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This article is for Flatfile's Portal 2.0, Portal 3.0, and Workspaces. If you'd like to check out the latest version of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, click here!

Portal 3.0

If you upload data for a user that has the same user ID and email address but different company information, the company information will not auto-update to match the new company information. If the user ID or email address are updated, any changes to company information will also be changed. To pass in information to represent a user who uses the same email address with multiple companies, we recommend using a combined user + company ID that is passed to the user ID field.

The configuration for the importer in Flatfile Portal 3.0 looks something like the following:

app.get('/', async (_req, res) => {  returnres.render('index.html', {    token: jwt.sign({      embed: EMBED_ID,      user: {        id: '24710',        email: '',        name: 'Harry Potter',      },      org: {        id: '28726',        name: 'Samson Plumbing',      }    }, PRIVATE_KEY)  })})

Portal 2.0

If you upload data with different company information configured in the importer than was used for previous imports, the company information for previous imports is changed to match the latest upload. This is because Flatfile uses the user ID as the primary identifier, and attaches information about that user to their user ID. Because of this, any data associated with that user ID will be updated if there is an upload with new, different information.

For example, if user1234 uploads data from Company Y, their user ID will be associated with Company Y. However, if they later upload data associated with Company X, the company information will be updated to match. This updated information will be displayed everywhere, even previous imports and uploads.

Since the user ID is the primary identifier, any information attached to the user ID will be changed, even if that user has already made uploads. Flatfile does not store multiple combinations or iterations of user ID information. The information is stored in the configuration for the importer, so changes to the importer will change information associated with the user ID.

For more information about configuring your importer in Portal 2.0, see our data importer documentation.

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