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How do changes to my team affect my API keys?
How do changes to my team affect my API keys?
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This article is for Flatfile's Portal 2.0, Portal 3.0, and Workspaces. If you'd like to check out the latest version of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, click here!

API keys are tied to a specific user on an Account, and not to an Account itself. This means that if you remove a user from your Account to whom API keys are tied, new API keys will need to be generated. Learn how to create new API keys in this article.

When a user who owns API keys is removed from an Account, it is highly recommended to deactivate their API keys immediately. This ensures that such user will no longer have access to your Flatfile dashboard.

Because API keys are linked to specific users, we recommend setting up a separate team member, not tied to a specific individual, to own your API keys. This ensures that if a member of your team leaves and their account is deactivated, no API keys will also be deactivated.

To deactivate an API key, log in to your Flatfile dashboard, once logged in:

  1. Click the 3 vertical dots on the bottom-left to open a pop-up menu

  2. In the pop-up menu, click Settings to view the Account Settings page

  3. On the Account Settings page, click Manage Access Keys on the bottom-left


This will redirect you to the Access Keys page. Once on that page you will see a list of API Keys that grouped into Active and Inactive tabs. To deactivate the API Key belonging to a removed user, locate it in the dashboard and click Deactivate to the right of the API key.

A hierarchical change does not affect API keys; if a user who owns API keys is made the owner of an Account, API keys remain unaffected. Same holds true if a user is demoted from Account owner to Account member.

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