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Flatfile Data Exchange Platform - Current Customer FAQ
Flatfile Data Exchange Platform - Current Customer FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions for Portal 2.0/3.0 Customers:

Why is Flatfile launching a new version?

As a category creator, we’ve been drinking from a firehose of feedback. We’ve poured every piece of feedback into the latest version and know it’s something you’re going to be excited about. We’re eternally grateful to every one of our customers for sharing what you find valuable. Keep the feedback coming, we can’t wait to hear what you want us to build next!

How do I upgrade from v2 or v3 to the latest version?

At this time, upgrading will require some development work. We’ve made it as easy as possible with our new Quickstart docs to get an idea of how to start building out a new importer and reformatting your validations for the new Platform. You will need to sign up for a new account with the new version by going to Reach out to our support team if you have questions!

Will v2 and v3 be deprecated?

Yes, v2 and v3 will be deprecated on January 31st, 2025. Our goal is to make it as seamless as possible to upgrade your v2 and v3 portals. You can find our upgrade docs here. We're here to help, please reach out to with any questions you have on upgrading!

Why did you move away from the template UI?

We strive to provide the best developer experience during set up and the best user experience when exchanging data with your customers. We often received requests for better ways to manage templates in code, and heard your feedback that the template UI was difficult to use to manage and update templates. The template UI did not align with our goals of providing the best experience for your developers and users.

I’m using a regional server or self hosting Flatfile, should I upgrade to the latest version now?

Regional servers are available on the latest version. Self hosting is not yet available however you can still sign up and test in our shared cloud environment. We do have a private cloud option available currently as well. If you are interested in this, reach out to

I’m currently using v2 and processing all data client side (managed:false), will that be available in the next version?

We have made the decision to move away from fully client side processing. Since we released v2, we’ve continued to increase our compliance and security protocols to make it easier for our customers to make the decision to use our server side processing. You can see our security details here. If you are interested in a private cloud or self hosting option, please reach out to

I saw on your website that Flatfile is now free. How do I change my pricing?

We now offer a free tier, with pay-as-you-go options as you ramp up your volume on the platform. Please reach out to with any additional questions on pricing.

What happened to the Platform SDK?

The Flatfile "Platform SDK" was designed before Flatfile's full event-based architecture was built out. The Listener SDK takes full advantage of interacting with Flatfile events to orchestrate data exchange workflows, and it is inclusive of all the same functionality of the Platform SDK.

  • Data Hooks are still triggered when cells are added and edited by using the Record Hooks plugin.

  • The native framework for the Listener SDK is Node, meaning all npm packages can still be imported and used.

  • Field types and validation remain the same.

In addition to the functionality of the Platform SDK, the Listener SDK allows you to hook into any Event in Flatfile, be that a file upload, a Space getting created, or an Action being triggered. This allows for a better fit within your unique workflow, without losing any of the robust data parsing, mapping, and validation capabilities of Flatfile.

Does the new version have any integrations?

Many of our customers build their own integrations using the Flatfile APIs. While we don’t support any out of the box integrations, we do have a plugin library that is growing all the time.

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