Troubleshooting Common Workspaces Problems
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This article is for Flatfile's Workspaces. If you'd like to check out the latest version of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, click here!


I archived a file but I’m still seeing the data in my sheet.

Archiving a file only removes that file from your files section. In order to remove the data in your sheet, you need to dismiss all rows.

When I click on the file name and download the file, I’m getting the original data instead of the reviewed data.

To download your final file, go to the sheet and click download.

Importing Data

I’m trying to upload an excel file but it’s getting stuck in processing.

Save your file as a CSV and try importing again

I updated my template but my data is still mapping to my old template.

In order to not interrupt any in progress Workspaces, we do not automatically update template versions to a Workspace. After you make any edits to your template, go to the Workspace settings and update the template version.


I’m seeing the error: “The following fields are missing at least one mapped category option.”

If you have any category fields but the column you are importing it too is completely empty, you’ll want to remove this field from matching by hovering over the field and clicking the down arrow on the right.

If you do have data in the imported column, you need to match the data to the categories by selected the “# unmatched” link under the column name.

Reviewing Data

I uploaded a file twice and now I have twice as many rows as I expected.

As it stands today, Flatfile does not merge data to a unique identifier. If you need to re-upload a file because you’ve added to it or changed something, first go into your sheet and click “dismiss all rows” to get rid of any pre-existing data. Once all rows have been dismissed, you can upload the file again.

I accidentally dismissed all rows. Can I recover them?

Yes. If you click the trash can icon in the top right, you can first click “Approve All Rows” then go to your Approved tab and select “Unapprove All Rows”.

I imported a file and am clicking the file name but it’s not taking me to the screen where I can edit the data.

Instead of clicking on the file name go to the template you matched the data to under “Sheets”.

I’m seeing the error: “Unable to complete automated reformatting. Hover over any error for guidance on correcting a value manually. Reach out to us if you need further assistance.”

This means there is an error with one of the validations or transformations that was set up. You can reach out to your Flatfile admin to investigate.

Downloading Data

I downloaded my data but the number of rows in my downloaded file doesn’t match the original file.

There are a number of reasons this may be the case:

  • You dismissed some rows while you were reviewing your data

  • You uploaded more than one file

  • You uploaded a file for the second time without dismissing the original rows

I'm trying to download a file and it looks like it's processing but then nothing happens.

This often happens if you have popups blocked. Check in your URL bar to make sure you aren't seeing a little icon with an X indicating that the pop up is blocked. If you click on that and allow popups, you should be able to download the file.

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