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Configuring SSO or Multi-Factor Authentication in Flatfile
Configuring SSO or Multi-Factor Authentication in Flatfile
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This article is for the latest version of the Flatfile Platform. Legacy versions of the Flatfile importer (Portal 2.0/3.0 and Workspaces) do not support either of these as login options.

SSO is available as part of our Professional Plan or an Enterprise Plan (see pricing plans here). When you sign up for a Professional Plan or Enterprise Plan, you'll receive instructions on how to set this up! If you have a Professional Plan and need those instructions again, please reach out to

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be configured in the Settings section of your account. To set this up, navigate to the Settings menu in your Dashboard by clicking on the 3 dots menu and then choosing "Settings". From here, go to "Security" under the Workspace header. In the General Settings section, you'll see an MFA header, which will give you the following options for setup:

Clicking on "Force" will require all your users to configure MFA on their first or next login to the Platform. They'll see a QR code and the following prompt:

Once they've completed the setup steps in their authenticator app of choice and have entered the code from their app, they'll be granted a recovery code (that will not be shown again) and will be prompted to enter a code from that app for each subsequent login.

MFA can be enabled or disabled from the Settings menu by anyone with Admin access.

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