How Can I Reset My Password?
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This article is for the latest version of the Flatfile Platform. If you are using Portal 2.0, Portal 3.0, or Flatfile's Workspaces product, click here.

To reset your password from the login page, enter your email address and click the "Continue" button. You'll see a "Forgot password?" link above the password box.

Clicking this will bring you to a page where you can send an email to the address you entered on the login page. The email you receive will provide you with a link you can use to set a new password. If you have not used this email address with the latest version of the Flatfile Platform, you will not receive an email.

To reset your password from within the Flatfile Dashboard, click on the 3 dots menu at the bottom left of the Dashboard, then click "Settings". Under the "Profile" header, click "Privacy and Security".

You'll see a password box at the top of your settings. Clicking on the edit button in the right of this box will bring up a second window you can use to reset your password. This will require your current password and your new password.

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