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Markdown Support in Field Descriptions and Job Outcome Messages
Markdown Support in Field Descriptions and Job Outcome Messages
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We're excited to announce a significant update to how you can manage and display field descriptions and job outcome messages in our platform: Markdown support is now live! This enhancement is designed to enrich your descriptions and messages, enabling you to create more informative, engaging, and useful content. With Markdown formatting, you can now leverage a wide range of formatting options to improve readability and functionality of your data fields.


To take advantage of Markdown in your field descriptions, simply include your Markdown-formatted text within the description property of a field object. Here’s a quick example to show how it's done:

"fields": [
"key": "code",
"label": "Product Code",
"description": "This can be **markdown**.",
"type": "string"

This new feature allows you to add bold text, italics, links, and more, directly into your field descriptions.

Adding Markdown to your Job messages is very similar. A brief example can be seen here:

await, {
outcome: {
heading: 'Success!',
acknowledge: true,
message: `# Outcome Message
## This is a job outcome message
### It can contain details about the job.
next: {
type: 'url',
url: '',
label: 'Go to Google',

Features and Benefits

Rich Formatting Capabilities

Markdown support brings a whole new level of formatting capabilities to your field descriptions. You can now:

  • Emphasize text using bold or italics for greater clarity.

  • Create bulleted or numbered lists to present information in an organized manner.

  • Incorporate code snippets for technical fields or instructions.

Incorporate Links

Including hyperlinks in your field descriptions is now straightforward. Links can lead users to additional resources, documentation, or related information, providing a seamless experience for users seeking more knowledge.

Versatile Display Across Interfaces

The enriched field descriptions are not just limited to one part of the interface; they are displayed across various components of our platform:

  • Tooltips within Data Tables: Hover over a field to see a tooltip with the formatted description.

  • Mapping Interfaces: Get an enhanced understanding of data mappings with rich descriptions.

  • Data Checklist: Access the full, formatted text of field descriptions for comprehensive insights into your data fields.

Getting Started

Ready to enhance your field descriptions with Markdown? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Familiarize yourself with Markdown syntax to make the most out of this feature.

  • Test your Markdown-formatted descriptions in a development environment to ensure they display as expected.

  • Consider the context in which the descriptions will be read. Use formatting to improve readability and comprehension, but avoid overdoing it to maintain a clean and professional appearance.

Learn More

This update opens up numerous possibilities for making your data fields more informative and engaging. To learn more about how to effectively use Blueprint, please visit our documentation.

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