Enabling Excel Document Imports
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Are you experiencing difficulties importing Excel documents into the Flatfile platform? By default, Flatfile is optimized to natively support CSV file types. However, we understand the importance of flexibility and the necessity for supporting various file formats, including Excel files. This guide will walk you through enabling Excel file import functionality using Flatfile's plugin system.

Understanding the Solution

To facilitate the import of Excel files, Flatfile offers a range of plugins, including an Excel Extractor. This plugin extends the platform's capabilities, allowing you to import Excel files seamlessly. For detailed documentation on this and other plugins, visit the Flatfile Plugins Documentation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Enable Excel File Import

The Excel Extractor, like other Flatfile plugins, requires server-side deployment. If you're working from an embedded Portal, you'll need to deploy a listener to Flatfile's servers. If you haven't done that with any other listener code, you can follow these steps to deploy just the Excel Extractor to Flatfile's servers without touching the rest of your code.

Step 1: Clone the Extractor Repository

Start by cloning the following GitHub repository to your desktop or preferred workspace: Flatfile Excel Extractor. This repository will serve as a base for deploying the Excel Extractor plugin. Remember, this deployment is a one-time requirement per environment.

Step 2: Install the Extractor Plugin

Once the repository has been cloned, install all packages by running npm install in the root of the repository.

Step 3: Update the .env File

Update the provided .env.example file, renaming it to .env. Within the file, update the variables FLATFILE_API_KEY and FLATFILE_ENVIRONMENT_ID with your Secret Key and Environment ID from your Dashboard. Save the changes.

Step 4: Deploy to Flatfile Servers

With the plugin installed and the event listener configured, you're now ready to deploy. Use the following command to deploy your setup to Flatfile's environment:

npx flatfile@latest deploy src/index.js


Following these steps enables your Flatfile platform to support Excel file imports. This process enhances the versatility of your data import capabilities, ensuring that you and your users can work efficiently with a wider range of file types.


If you encounter any issues during setup or deployment, please refer to the Flatfile Documentation for additional resources and support. Our team is also available to assist with any specific concerns you might have.

By integrating the Excel Extractor plugin, you're expanding the capabilities of your Flatfile implementation, ensuring a smoother, more inclusive data import experience for all users.

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