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Understanding Specific 403 Errors in Our Embedded Importer
Understanding Specific 403 Errors in Our Embedded Importer
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If you've encountered a 403 error while using our embedded importer, it's important to understand why this happens and how it affects your ability to use the importer effectively. The 403 error, typically indicating a "Forbidden" response and reading "Privilege 'environment: read' has no associated scopes", is related to access and permissions within the application's environment. Here's what you need to know:

Why You're Seeing 403 Errors

The 403 errors are a result of specific environment permissions that are not granted to guests (unauthenticated users) attempting to access the importer. This is a security measure to ensure sensitive operations or data within the importer are protected against unauthorized access.

Expected Behavior

These 403 errors are expected under certain conditions and form part of our security protocols to safeguard the application and its data. It's important to note that these errors are designed to not impact the overall functionality or the ability of guests or authorized users to use the importer.

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