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Working Around Character Limits for Secrets
Working Around Character Limits for Secrets
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Currently, Flatfile's secret values are limited to 1024 characters. If you encounter the need to store a larger secret, one possible workaround involves using encryption to secure your data while adhering to character constraints. Here’s a concise guide on how to implement this solution:

Step 1: Encrypt Your Data

First, encrypt the large secret using an encryption algorithm such as AES. This transforms your secret into an encrypted format, which can be safely stored outside the secrets management system.

Step 2: Store the Encryption Key

Extract the encryption key (much smaller in size) and store it as a secret in your environment. This key is essential for decrypting the data when needed.

Step 3: Store Encrypted Data in Space Metadata

Next, store the encrypted data in space metadata or metadata that is accessible from wherever you will need to be using the secret.

Step 4: Retrieval and Decryption

When access to the original secret is needed, retrieve the encrypted data from the metadata and use the stored encryption key to decrypt it back to its original form.

This method ensures your secrets remain secure and accessible, bypassing the character limit by leveraging encryption and Flatfile's space metadata.

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